The Team is heart of the Ynet. It consist mostly of electrical engineering and information technology students (FEI/FIIT) who are members of Ynet association and also they contribute according to their abilities and skills to fucntioning and manage affairs necessary for the providing of the local network and the Internet. These people are not indifferent to the future of Ynet, they decided to put their hand to the work and do something for others. They do this voluntarily, at the expense of their free time, without financial reward. They meet regularly to coordinate their activities. Without these people Ynet would not exist.

According to the Statutes, the Team is defined as operating and in a certain specified cases the executive body of the association and it is decisively involved in the implementation of activities leading to the achievement of the objectives of the association.

More about the function of the Team can be find in the Statutes in Article 9

The Team is divided in several groups depending on the activities that team members are interested in.

Stable groups


Head of group: Roman Horvát (romario) 

  • Managing of a network part
  • Configuration of active network devices
  • Troubleshooting the core of the Ynet network
  • Testing of new active devices


Head of group: Roman Danko (xroman) 

  • Managing of production servers (Internet Firewall, Web Server, Mail Server) 
  • Managing of IT service and IS (Lase, E-mail)
  • Managing of Multicast

Local network admins

Head of group: Matej Guráň (guru) 
  • End-user technical support
  • Troubleshooting of the user side (to the network layer)
  • Work with active network devices (managed L2 switches)
  • Building of infrastructure

PR - Public relations

Head of group: Martin Tkáčik (mato)
  • Communication with members of the association
  • Information for members of the association
  • Promotion of the Ynet 

Network engineers - Hardware

Head of group: Jakub Chalachán (yak)
  • Registry of hardware 
  • Coordination of infrastructure development 
  • Responsible for sufficient and condition of necessary material and equipment


Head of group: Matej Guráň (guru)
  • Selection and purchase of necessary goods 
  • Communication with suppliers - negotiation of prices and conditions with suppliers 
  • Realizations of purchases assigned by other groups


Head of group: Erik Pribula (toxeen) 
  • Programming for individual projects 
  • Development of Ynet's information systems

Network lab - NETLAB

Head of group: Martin Tkáčik (mato)
  • Managing of the lab
  • Development and spread of lab's possibilities 


Head of group: Jakub Jastrabík (jastrabik)
  • Development and managing wireless network - Eduroam at dormitories


Head of group: Adam Podhradský (adam858) 
  • Operation of student zone Y-zone at dorm Mladost
  • Operation of study room, coworking space Y-base and kitchenette

Bernolak and Belojanis

Project manager: Ján Juhos (banovcan)
  • Asset management and maintenance OZ Ynet at SD Jur Hronec and Nikos Belojanis
  • Communication with the members at dormitories
  • Completion of Ynet network at dorm Jur Hronec


Head of group: Lukáš Lipták (lukas22)
  • Asset management and maintenance OZ Ynet at SD Dobrovicova
  • Communication with the members at dormitory
  • Operation and maintenance of study room at dorm

Project groups


Project manager: Juraj Bánó (jurajbano)
  • Organization of lectures and conferences for students 
  • Communication with companies, schools, the media and the third sector

List of team members

Tomáš Breuer - tom026
Adam Podhradský - adam858
Matúš Šugár - sugy
Erik Pribula - toxeen
Juraj Bánó - jurajbano
Adám Kotász - koty
Samuel Dikant - samueldikant
Martina Zvolenská - martinkazv
Matúš Kubiš - matus2
Juraj Brestovský - d4ve
Dominik Mokrý - dominus
Matúš Baloga - newbie
Patrik Krajčovič - kharon
Roman Horvát - romario
Andrej Slebodník - andrejslebodnik
Marek Klimo - majko333
Filip Zúbek - shady321
Jozef Mutiš - xmutis
Matej Výboh - matoboost
Júlia Slavkovská - xslavkovska

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