How to become a member of the Ynet OZ

Here you will find the necessary information about the registration process in the Ynet civic association

Online registration

Since September 5, 2018, STU students have been staying in one of the STU hostels for full electronic registration in the association. This registration process is only via the Internet, and no registrar visit is required.

For online registration, you must complete the following steps:

  • sign in to the portal
  • clicking the Internet tab - Ynet and starting pre-registration
  • server will automatically provide the data to our server and automatically pre-fill them - these data can no longer be changed - if you find a mistake, correct it in the academic system
  • check your phone number - it must be a Slovak number, will send you a SMS - if there is an error in the number, please correct it at the
  • complete the remaining data required for registration
  • after pre-registration is complete, you will receive a SMS with your first password
  • log in to with your login and password - after first signing in, you are automatically a member of Ynet and you can use all the benefits of membership as your classmatesin accordance with the association's Articles of Association within 5 days pay the registration fee and the membership fee

Paper registration form

All other students who do not have the accommodation entered in the system continue to register in the association by a paper form.

In short, the following steps should be taken:

  • fill the preregistration -
  • visit the registrar and deliver the registration sheet (the sheets are available at the registrars) - list of registrars you can find on the board at reception of yout dormitory



All these people who register new members do this on a voluntary basis at the expense of their free time. If you happen to sign up and the person is not there, please note that we have school duties, interests, hobbies, girlfriends ... Moreover, many are engaged in other Ynet affiliations besides registering. Please note this when communicating and resolving any problems with registrars, as well as with admins and members of the implementation team. We thank you.

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