General assembly

It´s the main acting force an it´s formed by all members of association.

  • it approves charts of the organization, it´s modification and amendments
  • it recalls members of the board
  • it approves annual report and directives for the next year
  • it approves budget and financial report
  • it decides the abolition of the association
All members of the association are according to charts (article 4, section 2, paragraph e) obliged to participate on the general assembly
If somebody is unable to participate, he can delegate another member of the association or pardon his absence.
In case of un unjustified absence according to charts (article 3, section 8, paragraph fis subjects membership immediately terminated.

The following documents were presented and approved on the general assembly, that took place 29.11.2016 at 19:30.


  • big hall of UPeCe for the members accommodated at the dormitory of Mladost 
  • hall af Aurel Stodola for the members accommodated at the dormitories of Belojanis, Dobrovicova and Bernolak
Further information about general assembly like program, instructions and information about delegating another member or excuse absence can be found on the following web page

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