Elections of governing board

Here you can find the results of elections to governing board from 2013. For current elections (if any) please visit volby.ynet.sk

Governing board announces right elections to governing borad of civic association to take place at least 15 days before  the end of functional period of current governing borad. Date of the elections has to be choosen so as to take place not earlier than 25 days after the announcement. Governing borad name the Election Commission, which is resposible for process and correctness of the elections. Candidate for the member of the Election Commission can be any member of civic association uppon written application delivered to the governing board at least 10 days after announcement of elections date. Election commission has at least five members with one member from Board of Trustees and two members are delegated by the Team. Another two members will be drawn from written applications, the draw will perform an authorized member of the Board of Trustees. Membership in Election Commission is incompatible with candidature to the Governing Board. Election Commission of each elections to the Governing Board approves electoral regulations, which shall be published on the official website of the Association and other usual places at least 10 days before the elections.

More about functions and duties of Governing borad you can find in statutes of Ynet civic association in acrticle 7.

Results of elections

Election Commission on 18. February 2013 announced these results:

Ľubomír Fačkovec - 245 votes
Matúš Michalko - 212 votes
Tomáš Breuer - 157 votes
Roman Zelenaj - 156 votes
František Karasz - 148 votes
Peter Kupec - 145 votes
Ján Vaško - 123 votes

Based on these results the members of Governing borad are: Ľubomír Fačkovec, Matúš Michalko, Tomáš Breuer, Roman Zelenaj a František Karasz.

Their mandate start on 1. March 2013 at 00:00.


Turnout was 16,07% (456 from 2838 voters).


Harmonogram of election

Applying for membership in Election Commission

start: 30. januára 2013, 00:00 

end: 6. februára 2013, 23:59

Applying for candidature

start: 7. februára 2013, 0:00 

end: 11. februára 2013, 12:00


start: 12. február 2013, 0:00 

end: 14. február 2013, 24:00

Andrej Coplák
Chairman of Governing board
Jakub Baloga (Chairman of Election Commission)
Peter Matuška
Andrej Coplak
Daniel Verkin
Andrej Szabo
Election Commission


Election regulations [SK]

Application form for the candidature

Application form for the membership in Election Commission [SK] 

Statutes of civic association

Official record nr. 1 


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